5 Causes Of Truck Insurance Claims

Whenever a trucking company sends its drivers and trailers out onto the field, there is an understanding that they are risking a lot of money and putting their company on the line. They have to be able to take care of all the safety procedures and manage all of the logistics that come with managing a fleet of trucks that are out on the road. They also have to be able to think through any scenario that could happen on the road which could keep deliveries from getting to their destination on time and be able to work through them. There are a number of scenarios that could cause the trucking companies to hit speed bumps and come across issues which is why the companies have to find ways to be fully financially stable. With this in mind, you should always have up to date commercial truck insurance for your dump truck or dump trailer.

According to the FMCSA, every year there are at least 475,000 accidents that involve big trucks which leads to losses that add up to a lot of costs both in financial ways as well as costing companies their reputation. It is mandatory that trucking companies have liability insurance so as to protect the drivers and the company as a whole, and it is important to have a total understanding of the most common causes for trucks to make insurance claims.

The trucks break down on the road:
Every truck driver on the road dreads the possibility of something happening to their truck while they are driving and ending up stranded on the side of the road. There is a whole myriad of problems that could happen like flat tires, brake problems, an overheated engine, and more. Anytime an issue like this happens, the company has to make an insurance claim to get the problem fixed, and that cost can add up quickly with a whole fleet of trucks out on the road!

The Truck Driver Messes Up:
Drivers are normal people which means they are going to get distracted while on the road and end up making mistakes while driving. Truckers also have to deal with the possibility of making mistakes due to severe fatigue because they have to drive such long stretches. They also have to make claims if they drive too fast and can’t stop causing accidents, recognition errors, or overcompensating and causing accidents.

Experiencing loss of personal property
When a driver is out on the open road, anything he has with him to remind him of home is a precious commodity. If they lose something on the road they can make a claim so as to pay to get it back.

loss or damage to delivery load:
Meanwhile, if the driver somehow loses the load that they are carrying or the load gets damaged one way or another, then there will be a major claim made against them; something a trucking company dreads.

Poor vehicle maintenance:
Truck drivers have to drive hundreds to thousands of miles on a daily basis which means their truck undergoes a great deal of wear and tear. Drivers and maintenance crews for the company have to do regular maintenance on the fleet to keep them in pristine condition. If they don’t and something happens to a truck causing an accident, there can be major claims made against the company costing thousands to millions of dollars.